Atlas has embroidered for over 25 years.  Our staff is ready to take your idea and make it come alive in stitches. 

 Who do we serve, well just about everyone:

   Individuals       Clubs       Schools        Churches        Small Businesses         Large Corporations

On-site design digitizing is performed on nearly 100% of the logos brought in to Atlas.  You can communicate with us locally and "see" results as they happen.  Adjustments can easily and quickly made allowing for the ultimate customizing.

We embroider orders as small as one and have experience doing runs of several thousand.  Turnaround time is generally 2 weeks and for the larger runs, 3-4 weeks.

Our team has embroidered on cotton, blends, poly performance fabrics, polyurethane, vinyl, leather, carpeting, burlap and others.  We embroider all the usual items such as shirts, hats and coats.  Call to discuss your situation.  We will try to help.

Specialty items embroidered include full sleeves, cuffs, towels, collars, bags, luggage, table runners, car upholstery, golf bags, fire protection suits, martial arts belts and robes, shorts, fishing gear, stockings, wheel covers, name tags, rank insignias and much more. 

​We make customized patches of all sizes and colors.

How To Order

​1.  A design must exist or be created.  If you have an existing .dst file (embroidery), we can use this to get things going quicker.  To create an embroidery file, a drawing or preferably art (JPEG or vector format) will be required.  We can help with the art if needed.

2.  Once an agreed upon embroidery design is completed, thread colors can be selected and a sew sample can be provided if necessary or feasible.   

3.  Adjustments in design or colors can be made before starting the order.  


Determining a price on embroider really centers around several things: number of stitches, complexity of design, item to embroider and if the item is being purchased through Atlas..  If your logo is a left chest, about 5000 stitches (average) and is going on a simple polo purchased at Atlas, pricing will generally fall in the $3-4 range.

We do increase prices for items brought into the store and for other difficulty factors such as bulky or unique items and materials such as leather and car upholstery.

Digitizing fees may apply depending on the order detail.

Be sure to look at the extensive array of apparel and accessories available through Atlas. Discounting applies to items purchased at Atlas and the volume of the order. 

A small example of work performed:

8 foot runner with 72" x 13" embroidery 
Intricate design on beanie
12" x 6" logo on fire suit
Jacket back with family crest
Camo hat with embroidery
Tackle twill and embroidery
Hat back
Sleeve embroidery and left chest
Fishing Vests embroidered before final sewing